14 Funny City Names in Canada

Canada has some beautiful humorous town names. 

I used to be having a dialogue the opposite day about humorous town names all over the world.

Funny City Names Around the World

There is a Batman and a Middlefart in Denmark, a Phi Phi (pronounced PeePee) in Thailand, a Worms in Germany, Phuket (pronounced Pooh-kett, however studying it’s any other tale).

I realize it’s glaring, however Bangkok is beautiful humorous whilst you take into consideration it.

Whenever I point out Placencia in Belize to folks at house, they at all times elevate their eyebrows and say “What’s that name you just said?”

Anyway, I used to be considering that those puts are possibly completely standard names in their local tongue.

But what about the ones international locations that talk English as a primary language?

What excuse do they have got for the ridiculous names that they’ve used for his or her cities?

Strange, Odd and Funny City Names in Canada

In my analysis, I came upon that Canada is the worst perpetrator relating to naming cities.

I ponder whether it’s all of that chilly climate that affected the brains of our nation’s founders?

When I began scripting this publish, I used to be going to jot down about humorous towns names and atypical names of cities that I’ve visited all over the world.

But then I spotted that they’ve not anything on Canada.

We have get a hold of some beautiful abnormal names for our towns and cities.

Here is an inventory of ridiculous, abnormal, atypical and humorous town names in my house nation, Canada.


St. Louis du Ha! Ha! – Quebec

Yes, the exclamation marks are a part of its title.

There is not a certain concept on the way it were given its title. Only that haha is an previous French phrase for impediment and a few man named Louis was once one of the most first settlers in the realm.  I do not care, it is amusing!

Sexsmith Alberta

Its foundation is not as attention-grabbing as I used to be hoping for, however it nonetheless makes for an ideal title.

It is called after the well-known fur dealer David Sexsmith.  There are blacksmiths and metalsmiths however a Sexsmith can be way more entertaining.

Wawa – Ontario


The Wawa Goose

Comes from the Ojibwe phrase “wewe”  for wild goose.

Why cross to Wa Wa? It has a 28 foot prime statue of a Canada Goose!

And it’s positioned in gorgeous Northern Ontario close to Lake Superior Provincial Park, the biggest freshwater lake in the arena (via space this is. It is third in quantity).

Stoner – British Columbia

It’s a becoming title for the popularity that British Columbia has. And hiya, pot is felony in Canda, so a minimum of we now have a spot for eveyone to hang around.

But in all seriousness, it’s in reality named after Stone Creek. I’ve learn that locals used to name it that, however it has morphed into Stoner. Typical.

Climax – Saskatchewan

We clearly spend method an excessive amount of time indoors up right here in Canada.  This the city is called after any other Climax,  Climax Minnesota.  Can’t let the Americans have all the amusing, we wish a Climax too.

Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump

cities and towns in Canada

Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump indubitably stuck my consideration after we visited.

It seems that this location isn’t actually a the city, however it is nonetheless price a point out.

It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and there’s a group of farms and ranches round it

The tale is going:

It is an historic web page the place early prehistoric plains aboriginal folks hunted buffalo. They would herd the buffalo in opposition to this cliff and create a stampede the place they had been compelled to leap over and fall to their dying.

Forget – Saskachewan

Named after a Lieutenant Governor, Amedee E. Forget.

They idea that we’d all take into account this man, however actually….does somebody know who previous Lieutenant Governors are?

Now it simply seems like a forgettable title.

Come via Chance Newfoundland

I could not to find the foundation of this title, however when you occur to come back upon it by accident, let me know.

Vulcan – Alberta

odd names for towns | vulcan

Image via mdherren from Pixabay

I needed to point out this abnormal town title.

They in reality had the arena premiere of the brand new Star Trek film there for all the true trekkies.

Vulcan hosts an annual galaxy fest, a get started trek strolling excursion, and it has a 31 foot copy of the Vulcan Star Ship and a Vulcan fact recreation.

Big bonus, the overdue Leonard Nimoy visited Vulcan in actual lifestyles!

Oh yeah, it’s at the map child.

Blow Me Down – Newfoundland

Newfoundland takes the cake because the province that has essentially the most extraordinary names. Blow Me Down is the tamest of all of them!

Nameless Cove – Newfoundland

The tale right here… They was known as Flowers Cove, however any other the city stole the title, registered it, and advised them that they needed to get a hold of a brand new title.

Well, they did not do an excellent task. Today they’re referred to as  Nameless Cove.

Spread Eagle – Newfoundland

Located close to Conception Bay, Spread Eagle has an ideal view of the Dildo Arm.

Does it get any higher than this?

Dildo – Newfoundland

odd names of towns in Canada

Our pal Bran hangs out at Dildo Harbour

There are many theories about this position being named after anything else from a Spanish Sailor, to a boat’s section, to a cactus tree.  I believe that the fellows at the East Coast had been simply having fun.  If of some other theories, let me know.


It does not forestall but, Newfoundland nonetheless helps to keep the cities with humorous names going right here in Canada.

Goobies has a inhabitants of most effective about 150 folks, however taking a look at actual property, homes are going for $230okay. With that deal, it should develop quickly! Plus it isn’t too a long way from Come via Chance.

Honorable Mentions…abnormal, humorous, atypical names of cities They all nonetheless meet the factors.

odd names towns | otterville

Image via skeeze from Pixabay

Otterville – I grew up in Otterville Ontario, and folks laughed at me after I advised them the title of my place of origin.

I want it was once named after the lovable Otter however alas I bring it to mind was once named after some dude named John Otter growin put.

Frogmore – Ontario,

Dorking – Ontario,

Bastard – Ontario

Punkydoodles – Near Waterloo Ontario Dave and I could have to take a street travel to peer this!

Finger – Manitoba.

So there you’ve it, my listing of abnormal and atypical names of cities and humorous town names proper right here in Canada.

There are loads all over the world – when you see any others, proportion them with us!

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