Plan A Budget Tour To Mongolia

Plan A Budget Tour To Mongolia

The wilderness of Mongolia inspires people to add it to their next travel destination list. When it comes to traveling, finance management is the key factor. Most enthusiasts find Mongolia a bit out of budget as they compare the level of luxuries provided in Mongolia with other places.

The problem here is that tourism in Mongolia is of a different kind. Travelers come here to reconnoiter nomadic culture, pure living style, and the beauty of nature. A comparison of Mongolia tour plans with city culture around the world is a little offbeat.

What You Should Notice About Tourism In Mongolia?

What people don’t see is that in a 5 days tour in Mongolia while booking the tour is a unique and diverse travel experience they will get from here. 

Consider some facts, you will be traveling kilometers after kilometers in a minivan or car to reach from one tourist destination to another.

You will eat meat, cheese, and rich food throughout your trip. Even evening snacks are made up of meat. On the other hand, you will enjoy homemade alcohol anytime you want.

Most places in Mongolia are not like random cities or suburbs of the world where you can travel taking the help of Google Maps or just read signboards.  A local tour guide is mandatory, no matter where you go.

Also, the Mongolian road system is not much developed and some travel destinations have a very technical route. Only a well-trained driver can take you to a spot located in the middle of the desert or high up the mountains.  These are also facilities and travel planners have to spend most of the budget on these.

How To Plan a Budget Tour in Mongolia?

Tourism in Mongolia might seem expensive but in actual you can plan a very very budget-friendly trip to Mongolia if you follow the below-mentioned guide.

Book a Ticket On Your Own

You need to have an amount for tickets, commute, food, accommodation, shopping and passes for some spots. After taking out money for tickets, set a budget for the rest of the necessary expenses.

If you will ask the tour company to book a ticket for you, it may cost a little more. Many airlines and online ticket booking portals allow you to enjoy discounts while booking a ticket through your credit card. Also, there are some offers specially launched by these platforms to attract customers. So compare prices and book a ticket on your own

Now for the rest of the expenses, we ( are here to help you out.

Hire a Tourism Company

If you are thinking that you can arrive in Mongolia and hunt inexpensive accommodation on your own then you are totally wrong. There are hotels for a budget tour in Mongolia but they are not located in one specific area. So it’s better to hire a tourism service.

The tourism companies have contracts with low cost and luxury hotels so on your demand they book one at very reasonable prices. Also, you don’t have to go to luxury accommodation in Mongolia as you will only sleep for a few hours throughout your trip. Most of your time be spent outside the hotel. Prefer a shared room, and a mediocre hotel because you are here to live a simple life.

Tourism in Mongolia should revolve around nature and nomadic life rather than spas, casinos, or pubs. So save your money!

Smartly Locate Food Budget

The essence of Mongolia tours is not in a fancy restaurant so eat more at a local’s home. You will be getting meat and cheese even at a local’s home in exchange for the minimum amount. Also, keep your snacks in your luggage in bulk because a 3 times meal is provided by the tourism company but snacking will cost you a lot. Secondly, Mongolia does not have tuck shops everywhere and sometimes they cost more than the mentioned retail price on the packet.

Drink airag and leave champagne, red/white wine, and branded products for a few days. Airag tastes better, it is light, helps you digest food, and it’s homemade. Cold drinks cost more than food, so you can also replace cold drinks with airag.

Travel in Group

Tourism in Mongolia requires a van, guide, and driver no matter whether you are traveling alone or in a group. 

So prefer group traveling as it costs 40% less. Even if you are on your honeymoon, choose a group traveling for Mongolia. Don’t worry about personal time, you will get it at all destinations as most places are not very crowded.

Shopping at Local Bazaars

Trust me! Shopping fun in Mongolia lies in local bazaars or roadside vendors as they have unique and cultural products. Malls have branded stuff which you can buy from anywhere in the world. Roadside vendors and local bazaars will give you a great discount if you will buy something in bulk quantity.

Bargain Everywhere

 You will see highly well-crafted souvenirs available at local bazaars and similar versions of those products at malls as well. Mall shops will cost five to ten percent extra. Also, local bazaars in Mongolia have EVERYTHING. You just name it and there will be five to six shops around you selling it. The tough competition at local bazaars bound sellers to keep more variety and offer discounts.

You can even bargain while buying food, entry tickets, and other places in Mongolia. To a great extent, they understand you and give you a discount. Visit two-three shops first, bargain the prices and then buy a product.

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