Things To Do in London -Paris-Japan & in the UK

Things To Do in London -Paris-Japan & in the UK

Things To Do in Ireland & the UK


There is so much to see and do in Ireland and the rest of the UK and with, hundreds of experiences are just a few clicks away. Browse through our range of things to do in Ireland, including sightseeing tours of Shannon and Galway, a Fjord sightseeing cruise in Clare, and the Dublin Pass: your ticket to seeing all of the wonders Dublin has to offer. Over in the UK, there is, of course, a world of activities and attractions that awaits. Visit Buckingham Palace, go see a West End musical: these are just a few examples of the fabulous things to do in London, or outside of the capital there are excursions such as a tour of the beautiful Scottish city of Edinburgh or a trip to the mystical Stonehenge.

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Things To Do in Europe

Landmarks steeped in history and lush landscapes dotted by wineries and quaint pubs: Welcome to your personal European adventure. When you want to cover a lot of cultural ground in one holiday, trips across the Channel are always a recipe for success. Discover bliss with a pile of fresh pasta and a trip to wine country during your holiday to Rome, or hear a Mozart orchestra concert in Salzburg, Austria.

Grab your opera glasses for the best views of breathtaking Paris attractions, or journey to the awe-inspiring Acropolis in Athens. Take a jaunt across the Irish Sea and witness endless emerald hills on a Dublin tour, or stay closer to home and discover fascinating things to do in London. You’ll be riding an iconic double-decker bus in the Big Smoke like a carefree tourist before you know it.

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Things To Do in Asia and Australia

With, trips from Ireland to Asia and the Pacific region are right at your fingertips, and to make that trip extra special, why not book an excursion or activity? Everything from a desert safari in Dubai to the Sydney Harbour cruise is available with If you’re looking for things to do in Bangkok – then don’t miss out on the Floating Market tour. Or perhaps you’re off to Tokyo, where a trip to Mt. Fuji would make a perfect addition. If Hong Kong is where you’re destined, why not book a beautiful beach walk or island sightseeing cruise? Simply enter in your desired destination above and discover the exciting attractions and excursions that await in Asia and the Pacific region.

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United States and Canada Activities

Leave your heart in a San Francisco cable car, watch the sunrise over the Empire State Building in New York, or dance through the tide in San Diego. U.S. destinations offer something for every traveller, whether you seek busy urban culture, outdoor adventure, or a tranquil beach respite.

If the mood for barbecue and blues strikes, a foodie tour of Austin, Texas, has your name on it. Perhaps you seek a combination of mountain peaks, shoreline views, and winery tours; look no further than Seattle, Washington. Of course, a plate of savoury seafood jambalaya in New Orleans or a traditional luau in Honolulu will feed your belly and your soul.

Pack your bags for Chicago: Snagging tickets to the Blue Man Group show followed by a pub crawl will deliver an unforgettable time in the Windy City. In need of some extravagance? Look no further than Las Vegas, where the bright lights and vivid nightlife are unparalleled.

Further north–in the Great White North, in fact–amazing cities and gorgeous landscapes await. Ottawa is home to the National Gallery of Canada, Canadian War Museum, and more. Surrounded by swift rivers, Montreal is a great place to soak up cultural experiences, like an evening spent strolling Old Montreal and dining on a delicious meal of intercontinental cuisine. Meanwhile, Vancouver is a trendsetter of the Pacific Coast. Wine and dine downtown, or spend a day wandering through Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island.

You can always count on our massive list of fun things to do in the United States and Canada to fill your activity itinerary.

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Tours and Activities in Latin America

If sand and samba feed your soul, head south to Latin America for a vibrant excursion. Sip colourful cocktails on the sand of Cancun, or float over to Cozumel and sign up for a trip to Chichén Itzá, a sacred Mayan capital and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Latin America is teeming with opportunities to explore vibrant cultures and stunning natural beauty. Pair a tour of the Frida Kahlo Museum with a trip to the Floating Gardens of Xochimilco in Mexico City, or take a tango lesson in Buenos Aires after spending the day on a river cruise to Tigre.

Of course, the ancient Incan citadel Machu Picchu beckons you to Peru for an in–person experience (bring your best walking shoes!). Book your adventures now with, and your Latin American voyage is sure to blow you away.

What to Do in the Caribbean

Does a winter chill or rainy spell have you down? Escape to destinations like Jamaica and the Dominican Republic and feel your skin warmed by the tropical sun. You can lie on the beach or set out for some aquatic adventure.

Book an Ocho Rios tour with to see a new side of Jamaica, or sign up for a guided tour of Santo Domingo and get to know the colonial history of the Dominican Republic. Visit colourful tropical fish by snorkelling in the Bahamas and get a bird’s–eye view as you parasail in Turks and Caicos. From St Martin to Grand Cayman, Expedia has a broad inventory of things to do on island time.

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