8 Famous Dams in Jharkhand to See in 2020

8 Famous Dams in Jharkhand to See in 2020

Jharkhand is a state in Eastern India. It shares it the border with Bihar in the North, Uttar Pradesh in the North West, Chhattisgarh in the West, Odisha in the South, and West Bengal in the East. The state is known for its waterfalls, hills, and holy places. Along with it, there are a number of Dams that also serve as tourist spots.

8 Best Dams in Jharkhand you can visit this year.

  1. Maithon Dam, Dhanbad
  2. Konar Dam, Hazaribagh
  3. Tilaiya Dam, Koderma
  4. Tenughat Dam, Bokaro
  5. Panchet Dam, Dhanbad & Purulia(West Bengal)
  6. Khandoli Dam, Girish
  7. Charowa Dam, Hazaribagh
  8. Getalsud Dam, Ranchi


The word Mython means Mai ka sthan (mother’s abode). This is because Goddess Kalyaneshwari is the most revered and popular Goddess in the region.

Maithon is constructed on the Barakar River. It is the most visited place in Dhanbad. It is 48 km from Dhanbad. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it has an underground power station. This is the only dam equipped with such a feature and one of its kind in South East Asia.

The Dam is 15712 ft long and about 165 ft high. The underground power station has a capacity to generate around 60, 000kw of electric power. It was developed in the year 1948.

maithon-damBarakha is a main tributary of The Damodar River. It is a seasonal river, but during monsoon, the river is in spate and displays its true nature. People witness the roaring, the rise in water level, and its velocity.

In the year 1942, during the second world war the Damodar River was flooded (Damodar which was aptly called The River of Sorrow), Barkha being the main tributary also got deluged for which Kolkata completely got detached from the country. No transportation, no communication was possible at that time. This situation aroused the need for the construction of the dam.

The British Government referred W. l Voorduin a civil engineer in the Tennessee Valley Authority. It was under his guidance the dam was designed and constructed. Damodar Valley Corporation was formed in 1948 in independent India. It was the first multi-purpose project in free India. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, our first Prime Minister founded it.

The Dam is famous for its scenic beauty. One will get mesmerized by the blue waters at the backwater of the dam. It is accompanied by green hills and the colorful ambiance that engulfs it.

One can enjoy the thrills of speed boating along with a general boat ride. Taking a boat ride on the greenish-blue water with green forests in the periphery, the trees protruding on the water, whispering among themselves and welcoming everyone will surely give us divine experience.

And if one wishes to get a boat ride during sunrise or sunset then nothing could be better than that. The rays of the sun getting amalgamated in the pristine water set us on a different vibe. One can visit the spoon island on having a boat ride.

How to reach Maithon Dam

Maithon is 48 km from Dhanbad and 35 km from Asansol. Kumardhubi is the nearest railway station. Maithon is 9kms from kumardhubi station. Taxis, auto-rickshaws can be hired. Mini-buses from Asansol bus station ply to Mython.

Best time to visit Maithon Dam

April- June is the hottest season, so one could avoid it, as Dhanbad being the coal city is very hot during the day. But the evenings are cool. Monsoon arrives in July-September. The best time is from October to February.


W. l Voorduin envisaged the construction of eight dams and a barrage to combat flood and also that could benefit irrigation, power generation, and navigation. Later it was decided to construct only four dams. These are at Konar, Tilaiya, Maithon, Panchet, and Durgapur Barrage.

Konar Dam is the second of the four multi-purpose dams included in the first phase of Damodar Valley Corporation. It was built across the Konar River, in Hazaribagh district in Jharkhand. It was opened in 1955. The dam is 14, 879 ft long, and 160 ft high.

Konar DamThe place also carries with its scenic beauty and is considered the best picnic spot in Jharkhand. The place is peaceful and serenity prevails in the area so one can have a relaxing and self-indulgent time.

One can also enjoy the chirping of birds, cool breeze, and beautiful flowers that adds beauty to the place. The dam is very beautiful providing a breathtaking view of the surrounding areas.

The Konar dam is located in the middle of the forest from where water and electricity are supplied to nearby towns and industries.

In addition to the scenic beauty, one can enjoy a thrilling ride on the bike. The roads are super smooth and nicely paved which provides some extra bit of adventure.


Tilaiya Dam is the first of the four multi-purpose dams included in the first phase of DVC. It is established in 1953 at Tilaiya over the river Barakar, constructed by Damodar Valley Corporation. It is the first hydroelectric power station and has a beautiful reservoir of 36 sq km areas and is 99 ft high and 1200 ft long.

Tilaiya DamTilaiya Dam also carries with it pleasant scenic beauty. The bluish-green water encircled by lush green forest and hillocks is a pleasure to our eyes. The view of sunrise and sunset over the pristine water can seize the heart of anyone who comes here.


Tenught Dam is an Earth fill dam with composite masonry cum concrete spillway across the Damodar River at Tenughat in the Petarwar block of Bokaro district in the Indian state of Jharkhand. The dam is 5kms long and 55 meters high.

In addition to the concrete spillway with composite masonry, it has under sluice structures, concrete diaphragm cut-off wall, rock excavation in the fountain diversion channel, a cofferdam was built to supply water to the Bokaro steel plant and Bokaro industrial area.

tenughat-damIt is quite a fun place to hang out with friends and family. The huge boulders on the river provide a place to have a picnic also. It is also ideal for taking pictures, also the place is suitable for couples. They too can enjoy the quietness of the place.

The natural scenery here is beautiful due to the blue waters of the river, the wonderful architecture in the columns of the dam, and well-maintained gardens.

There are 10 radial gates and 8 sluice gates in the Tenughat dam situated in the Gomia block. The dam has the capacity to store 852 feet of water.

It was once the largest earthen dam in Asia.


Panchet Dam is the last of the four multipurpose dams that were constructed under the Damodar Valley Corporation. The dam is constructed across the Damodar River at the foot of the Panchet Hills. It was inaugurated by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in the year 1959.

Built across River Damodar, it forms a natural border between Jharkhand and West Bengal. It is constructed above the confluence of the Barakar and Damodar Rivers. The northern portion of this falls under the Dhanbad district and the southern part is under the Purulia district of West Bengal.

panchet-damThe length of the dam is 6, 777metres, and the width 10. 67 meters. The dam is an earthen dam with a concrete spillway. The reservoir covers a catchment area of 10, 961 sq km.

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Panchet Dam is 9kms from Chirkunda on Grand Trunk Road. It is 54kms from Dhanbad, 20 km from Asansol. Tilkupi, a village under Raghunathpur police station was demolished in the construction of the dam.

Panchet Dam too is blessed with nature’s beauty. The serenity, peace, and beauty of the place quenches travelers’ thirst. The boats in the blue waters captivated our sight and the picturesque view rejuvenated and refreshes anyone’s mind.

The rays of the setting sun on the silent waters gives us an aesthetic feeling. The area in the vicinity of the Panchet hills is also rich in biodiversity.

As we travel back our mind makes us think of the toils and tears of those men and women, of the sons and daughters of the soil with whose efforts such mammoth structures have been built for the benefit of mankind. Their unheard stories will always remain concealed. Saluting these unsung heroes, heroines of the Panchet Dam you bid goodbye to the glistening waters who are the witness of many unheard tales.


Khandoli Dam has located 10km North-East of Giridh town towards Bengabad in Jharkhand. Khandolo is also a village at the foot of the khandoli hills. The reservoir of the khandoli Dam provides water supply to more than one lakh residents of the Giridh town. It was inaugurated in 1957. Its height is 16 meters.

Khandoli has been developed as a tourist spot by the district tourism department. Winter is the peak season here as tourists who are bird lovers come here and get hooked to watch migratory birds.

khandoli damMigratory birds from Himalayan belts, Australia, Africa could be seen here. The water reservoir is also noted for its various water activities such as pedal boats, speed boats, water scooters, scuba diving, rafting, canoeing, sailing, waterskiing.

There are also many adventure activities like parasailing, paragliding, surfing, kayaking, trekking, camping, and many more.

So in one word, it is a place for adventure and fun and the activities make it a perfect place to hang out with friends and family. And if you are a bird lover and watcher nothing could be a better place than this in winter.


Charowa dam is also called Charwa Dam is suitable amidst four hills in Hazaribagh district, Jharkhand. The Charowa reservoir is known to fill up beyond the safe level during the monsoon.

Charowa DamThe reservoir is famous for  Vultures. Critically endangered species of Vulture like Indian Culture and White -Rumped Vulture are found here. Along with these, there are the largest and smallest vultures, The Himalayan Vultures and The Egyptian Vultures. This is the best place to go for viewing Vultures. Thousands of people from different places visit this place every year.


Getalsud Dam is an artificial reservoir constructed in Ranchi, Jharkhand. It was built across the Subarnarekha  River and was inaugurated in 1971. Its height is 35 meters.

The dam provides a small scale fishing opportunity to the local people of Rukka. The main purpose of the dam was to cater to the need of drinking water to the residents of Ranchi.

getalsud damIt is also used for industrial purposes and generating electricity. This place is also a popular picnic spot. It is a place to hang out with friends. One can also enjoy this place in the evening.

So we can come to the conclusion that Jharkhand has many exotic tourist spots. These strong dams in Jharkhand, not only serve the necessity of the people by preserving water, but also are a place of fun and different activities. The largest among all the dams in Jharkhand is the Tenughat Dam. One must come and visit the Dam in Jharkhand.

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