11 Perfect Places Observed As The Best Halloween Spots 2020

11 Perfect Places Observed As The Best Halloween Spots 2020

Best Halloween Spots to Celebrate Halloween

Halloween has just been celebrated with scary decoration, kooky costumes and lots of sweets across the globe. However, it is so much more than just costumes to history. Halloween is marked to celebrate the shortening of days, changing of seasons and connecting with the dead ones.

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The influence of the ancient Gaelic festival of Samhain on Halloween makes its followers believe that the boundary between our world and the next world is a thin unseen layer. Also, people celebrate Halloween to feel connected to the other side of the world.

As time passed, the tradition travelled across Atlantic with Scottish and Irish immigrants, and today it is celebrated with light-hearted glory around the world. From 20th century onwards Halloween is more a candy eating, costume-wearing and pumpkin carving holiday that we all love.

11 Best Places For Halloween

Despite the covid-19 pandemic, On October 31st 2020, many places in the world celebrated Halloween vibrantly and excitingly. Below are the top 11 sites that got the spark uniquely yet in a traditional way this year!

1. Ireland

As I mentioned above, Halloween can be traced back to its origin in Irish culture; hence, they celebrated it with great glory and style. Halloween celebrations in Ireland included bonfires, fortune-telling, dressing up with traditional outfits and, of course, eating mouth-watering fruit cakes.

Halloween Spots Ireland
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This year, Derry city in Ireland hosted the most prominent festival at the banks of Foyle as Halloween Carnival across Europe. People enjoyed ghost tour parades, haunted houses and much more. Visitors love The Spirits Of Meath Festival featuring pumpkin carving contest the most.

2. New York 

NYC is always up for festive like Halloween. This year there were uncounted parties and events across the streets of New York. The biggest celebration took place at the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. The parade was initiated in 1973 by Mr Ralph Lee, a famous mask maker.

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Today the parade is considered as the largest celebration of Halloween in the United States, starting at the dust and celebrated throughout the night. Despite the pandemic, over a million people have participated in the parade following SOPs.

3. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the home to the most creative Halloween costumes. The city hosts most creatively themed parties in restaurants, cafes, museums and clubs. Currently, visitors participated in music concerts, ghost tours and night marathons of horror shows and movies at The Legendary Monster Ball. Also, the city offered The Fetish Extravaganza at the Obscene Halloween during the festival.

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4. Scotland

Similar to Ireland, Scotland has the roots to the Celtic cultural influence. They carry many traditions of Samhain that includes “guising” where children visit every house in the town carrying lanterns to collect sweets, apple and coins. Halloween is an important festival of Scottish culture, and they celebrate it with the finest traditional happenings.

Halloween in Scotland
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People of Scotland consider Halloween as a night of devils, witches and other supernatural entities. They celebrated recently at Edinburgh’s Royal Mile where creepy underground passages were decorated with spooky vaults and many unsolved mysteries to explore. The entire city was beautifully lighted to welcome mischief-making beings.

5. London

Indeed, London is full of haunted castles and creepy locations, making it the best place to celebrate Halloween. With several ancient sculptures, dark dungeons and ghostly mansions, London have uncounted festive sites for the occasion.

Halloween in London, UK
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This year, numerous events and parties took place including the Camden Halloween Carnival, horse-drawn rides in Richmond Park and much more. People participated in the most famous Jack the Ripper Walk, visited London Dungeons and full of fright Victorian serial killer’s old haunts across East regions.

6. Transylvania

The home of world’s renowned vampire Count Dracula is in Transylvania. Where better to go for Halloween then? Flocks joined the shadow of Bran Castle aka Dracula’s Castle to spend the All Hallow Eve. Also, hordes of tourists celebrated the Day of the Dead with Romanians on November 1st. The capital city Bucharest offered Feast of St. Andrew on November 30th as well.

Halloween in Transylvania
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7. Italy

Italy has a pretty big deal with the All Souls Day and All Saints Day. Festivals vary region to region in Italy while the most attractive is in Venice. Despite being the most romantic destination, it offered many haunted islands to visit on the night of Halloween. People dressed up in costumes and hosted some beautifully scary masquerade balls. The Italian capital of Halloween, Corinaldo presented with the traditional fire festival on the eve of October 31st too.

Halloween in Venice
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8. Prague

Prague is considered as the enormous Gothic City of Europe. As the town is full of haunted cemeteries, ghoulish local legends and a Torture Museum, it makes it a magnet for the fans searching for a scary aspect.

Halloween in Prague
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Visitors and local residents didn’t get anything official from the Czech Republic for Halloween celebrations this year. However, its winding lanes and stunning medieval architecture provided a mysterious macabre appeal to the people. Fans found their unique way to celebrate on a smaller scale in the pandemic.

9. Belgium

Although all of the above towns celebrated Halloween with their traditional way of festive costumes and spooky decorations, Belgium has taken it to the next level. A swimming pool in Brussels was colored red, making it a blood bath and children in scary costumes were prepared for swimming under it.

Halloween in Belgium
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They offered creative ghost parties and tours. According to thesis writing services providers there, Ostend hosted multiple creepy costume parades and ghoulish musical events across the city – earned the title of “Belgium’s Halloween city”.

10. New Orleans

New Orleans is lived to be the most haunted city of America and is full of scary sites. The reason why the town is spooky is that it has deep connections to the occult and penchant eccentric costumes, making it the perfect place to celebrate devil’s night.

Voodoo Music Festival, New Orleans
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The city hosted the famous Voodoo Music Festival in the past but called off this year due to pandemic. Participants enjoyed Vampire Ball and the Halloween Spook Family concert this year. Additionally, the Bourbon Street parade and historic French Quarter ghost tours are too spectacular to miss.

11. Hong Kong

Lastly, it is a must to discuss the Halloween capital of Asia, the Hong Kong city. Fortunately, the city is blessed with most loved theme parks, including Ocean Park and Disney Land. Hong Kong knows how to embrace hallowed with festive events.

Halloween in Hong Kong

Following the SOPs, they celebrated Halloween at both theme parks with the annual Halloween Bash. Along with the more traditional Hungry Ghost Festival, and Lan Kwai Fong Halloween Street Party with festive foods and dresses, people gifted things to the spirits of their loved dead ones.

Wrap Up 

While the ongoing pandemic has cancelled many events this year, Halloween celebrations were traditional yet a bit different, with the same spirit. Characters masked both to protect and scare with newly invented candy delivery methods to get the most of the moment with the safest ways they can. I wish for a better Halloween next year with free hugs and secure handshakes.

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