7 Surprising Side Effects of RV life // TRAVEL NURSE FAMILY

Full time life at the highway has some beautiful extraordinary uncomfortable side effects emotionally. Check out those seven uncomfortable side effects of RV Life. ******************** NEW TO OUR …

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  1. I’m jealous, but actually just grateful. I love my RV. We lived in it for a year. We have traveled way more (in California) than anyone else we know. We have loved that. I can totally relate to all you side effects!!! I just have to say, let’s let go of the norms and the traditional expectations…and especially the guilt! RV living can be such a blessed, but not a cookie cutter life. You guys have helped me to see that even more! ❤️ Thank you!!

  2. I hear you on the space needle thing! Luckily our kids are still small but one of the best parts of being full time with your kids is you know what your kids are into and what they won't appreciate. Plus there's so many free things that are just as cool if not cooler!!! P.S. Your audio sounds so good!

  3. I can really understand all of those. My wife likes to go go go when on vacation but is going to have to slowdown once we hit the road next year. She says it's because she never got to go on vacations as a kid so she doesn't want to waste any of the time. We have to make big cloverleaf trips because of my quarterly medical appointments so it will be easy for her to swing back by a place if she misses something but I have a feeling she is going to realize just how big this country is and kind of freak out trying to do everything. Only moderating factor is that I will only be able to sightsee every two to three days so unless it is something that she will do with our son, and/or daughter when she is visiting, she is really going to have to pick and choose.

  4. Wow….Thanks Guys!! I'm right there with you on the side effects! (was having difficulty defining my homesickness…you nailed it) Such a blessing to have access to fellow RV families and feel the connection. My "sticks & bricks" family is "happy" for me but I think they are crossing their fingers behind their backs when they say so….they have no idea how amazing, transparent, soul revealing, enlightening, enriching, and freeing this life can be…..side effects and all!

  5. I also understand completely how you are feeling about wanting your own the space on the planet that is yours. We came home after 16 months on the road and I am spending so many hours outside of our house on the patio just enjoying our own private space behind the gate.

  6. Good stuff. I really liked your point about having to see something because everyone sees it (like the Space Needle). I’ve caught myself, when making a list of things to see, saying, do I REALLY want to see that or is it just something everyone sees.

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