DOMINOS VS PIZZA HUT | Ultimate PIZZA BATTLE in INDIA. Both Dominos and Pizza Hut have some wonderful vegetarian pizza sorts right here in India.

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  1. Both are good in their own ways, but cost wise i would go for dominos..Cheaper than Pizza hut!!…Once i ordered from dominos for 300 rupees and found a small insect fly out of the box..Not sure whether it came from inside the box or somewhere else.I complained to the manager and he was willing to give me 100% discount for the next order…After a week i went to the store and got 1700 rupees worth of pizza , sides, drinkes etc..All for free!….XD

  2. This is pure torture to watch late in the night when you can’t even order. Also ketchup is the most important accompaniment to most Indian street and junk food to all Indians. It’s like curry in a packet. Don’t separate an Indian from his or her ketchup.

  3. Nice video ( Comparison/Test video) ,
    My favorite is Domino's Cheeseburst Deluxe Veggie,( Paneer,capsicum,Mushroom,onion,corn)I like to add tomstoes & Pineapple Toppings (extras) ,

    New Fav is Dominos Paneer Makhini,

    Though i am non-vegetarian usually ( i like the paneer pizzas Among veg ones )

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  5. Oh Wow! That ummmmm made me hungry…Pizza Hut looked like cheese bomb exploded in that box😀, Dominos did look pretty. The best thing was to see you eat and chew it…made us hungry!
    question for you dear.. Where does all that food you eat go? where?…😀😀… Loads of Love from Canada!

  6. Cousin in India who did not grow up with pizza makes hers with ketchup and mayonnaise. Having gotten used to her own idea of what a pizza might be, the Domino version didn't make sense to her when she finally tried it.
    I worked in a pizza shop in my younger days and made thousands of pizzas from beginning to end. I can't imagine what one made with ketchup and mayonnaise might taste like. The very idea kinda frightens me. 😀
    Oh, and I also did deliveries too. On my first delivery the manager handed me the pizza box and grabbed the ticket with the address for the delivery. I tucked the pizza under my arm and listened intently, paying particular attention as he spoke to the name and address so I could formulate a quick route. Meanwhile, the manager's eyes were getting bigger in slow motion as he reached out and grabbed the pizza box away from me and quickly laid it flat on the counter. He opened the box and let out a sigh of relief. The melted browned crusted cheese had been able to hold all the ingredients in place for the 2 or 3 seconds the pizza was standing on its side under my arm. Lesson learned! Lol!!

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