How to convert a Van in to an Off-Grid Camper in 17 Days!

Get the Van Conversion Guide; I attempted to make the video that I’d have liked to be ready to watch when I used to be beginning to create my van.

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  1. Hey Nate. I was just curious to know how you bolted the hammock fittings in the roof. How did you get a nut to the other side? I have bought your ebook but I can't find the exact information for how you did it in there. Love the build and just starting my own so fingers crossed I can make some progress on it in the coming weeks. Hope you're good

  2. Looks like this cost thousands up on thousands of dollars. Most people living in a van dont have anywhere near the capitol you had to do this. This isnt realistic for the average joe.

  3. nice conversation. BUT ever thought about fire in it? a slightly bigger van caught fire in some of "our" tunnels and it costs our country BILLIONS (!) or euro to repair it and to drive around it…i think there is a reason why TÜV and similar institutions exists.

  4. I love this, but I could never do it. Iam studying and afterwards I have to work, use my learned skills…programming etc.. I would love to live day by day, travel the world. Its depressing to see others doing it. But I aint rich ..

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