How to Learn the Korean Alphabet and Write in Korean [Step-by-Step Guide]

Are you finding out Korean however nonetheless to find your self suffering with the Korean writing machine? Well, right here’s some excellent information: mastering the Korean alphabet could also be more straightforward than you suppose.

The Korean alphabet is regularly stated to be considered one of the most sensible and easy-to-learn writing methods. I believe that evaluation. I’d like to display you simply how smooth it may be to be taught the Korean alphabet and grasp Korean writing.

This is Why the Korean Alphabet is So Easy to Learn (A Very Short History)

Before the present-day Korean alphabet, referred to as Hangul, the Korean language used Chinese characters. This modified in the 15th century when King Sejong the Great is claimed to have invented Hangul.

The Hangul machine used to be created to be smooth to be taught, and smooth to perceive. That’s as it aimed to spice up literacy amongst Korean audio system. All that’s excellent information for you as somebody finding out Korean.

The Korean Alphabet: Pronunciation

Like English, Korean has vowels and consonants. There are 19 consonants and 21 vowels in the trendy Korean alphabet.

In Korean, the form of every of the letters is a clue to the way it sounds. Each of the strokes that make up a letter are stated to display the place of the tongue in the mouth when saying that letter. That’s lovely cool!

Let’s have a look, beginning with consonants:

Korean Consonants

Many Korean consonants are an identical in pronunciation to their English opposite numbers. That stated, their place is in a phrase (starting, center, or finish) can exchange how they’re pronounced. Here’s an summary:

ㄱ: “g” as in go (can also be pronounced as “k” when in the ultimate place)
ㄴ: “n” as in net
ㄷ: “d” as in dog (can also be pronounced as “t” when in the ultimate place)
ㄹ: is someplace in between “r” and “l”
ㅁ: “m” as in mama
ㅂ: regularly “b” as in bed however on occasion additionally an aspirated “p” as in pedal
ㅅ: “s” as in soon or sh as in shingle relying on the following vowel (it can also be pronounced as “t” in the ultimate place)
ㅇ: silent or “-ng” as in bring
ㅈ: “j” as in jokester
ㅊ: “ch” as in charge
ㅋ: “k” as in okayaraoke
ㅌ: “t” as in tiger
ㅍ: “p” as in pour
ㅎ: “h” as in harness

Korean Double Consonants

ㄲ: “gg” as an preliminary sound however “kk” as a center sound
ㄸ: “dd” as an preliminary sound however “tt” as a center sound
ㅃ: “bb” as an preliminary sound however “pp” as a center sound
ㅆ: “ss”
ㅉ: “jj”

Korean Vowels

ㅣ: “i” as in bee
ㅏ: “a” as in father
ㅓ: “eo” as in son
ㅡ: “eu” as in put, stated smiling
ㅜ: “u” or “oo” as in boot
ㅗ: “o” as in go

Korean Diphthongs and Other Vowels

ㅑ: “ya” as in yahoo
ㅕ: “yeo” an identical to young
ㅠ: “yu” as in you
ㅛ: “yo” as in yoghurt
ㅐ: “ae” as in land
ㅒ: “yae” as in yank
ㅔ: “e” as in net
ㅖ: “ye” as in yellow
ㅘ: “wa” as in wander
ㅙ: “wae” as in wag
ㅚ: “oi” as regardless that announcing “no entry” briefly
ㅝ: “wo” as in wonder
ㅞ: “we” as in wet
ㅟ: “wi” as in weeokay
ㅢ: “ui” as as suey

Korean Syllable Blocks

Korean letters don’t seem on their very own, as a substitute, they seem as part of syllable blocks. Korean letters may also be grouped in plenty of tactics however the first letter will all the time be a consonant (even supposing it’s simply ㅇ functioning as a silent letter. The letter in the 2d place will all the time be a vowel. If there’s a letter in the ultimate place (this is able to be a 3rd or fourth letter in a syllable block), it’s going to additionally all the time be a consonant.

In brief, at a minimal, a Korean syllable will all the time come with a consonant (preliminary) adopted by way of a vowel. It may additionally come with one or two ultimate consonants.

How a syllable block is shaped is determined by the form of the vowel. If this can be a vertical vowel like ㅣorㅏ, the preliminary consonant is written on the left and the vowel on the proper as in 나 or 니. When it’s a horizontal verb like ㅗ, the consonant is written above the vowel as in 노.

Here are a couple of of the tactics Korean syllable blocks might glance (C = Consonant, V = Vowel, F = Final Consonant(s)):

In Korean, a phrase could also be made up of simply this kind of blocks like 저 (cheo, “I”) or a number of as in 음악가 (eumagga, “musician”). Like in English, Korean has an area between every phrase. “I am a musician” in Korean would due to this fact be: 저는 음악가입니다. (cheo-neun eumagga-ibnida).

Practice Makes Perfect: How to Memorize the Korean Alphabet

I’ve discovered that considered one of the best possible tactics to be taught the Korean alphabet is with spaced-repetition, the usage of an app corresponding to Anki. Getting common publicity to the new letters, and then training studying syllable pairs (additionally via spaced-repetition) is considered one of the best possible tactics to grasp studying and writing in Korean.

I additionally suggest doing writing observe when possible–even if it’s simply writing English phrases the usage of Korean letters.

In reality, there are many English mortgage phrases in Korean, and they make nice writing observe. These are phrases like 케냐 (ke-nya, “Kenya”), 쇼핑 (sho-ping, “shopping”), 휴스턴 (hyu-seu-teon, “Houston”), 컴퓨터 (keom-pyu-teo, “computer”), 오랜지주스 (o-raen-ji-ju-seu, “orange juice”), and so a lot more. These may also be nice observe while you’re simply getting began.

Tools to Help You Learn the Korean Alphabet

If you’re nonetheless feeling undecided about how to move about finding out the Korean alphabet, there are a number of equipment to be had to mean you can grasp writing in Korean. Here are only some of the assets that I used to be taught the Korean alphabet:

  • 90 Day Korean is a fantastic useful resource for Korean newcomers. Not most effective does it train you the fundamentals of Korean, but it surely additionally teaches you the alphabet, pronunciation, and a number of useful mnemonic ways to support your memorization. Plus, you’ll select up heaps of useful vocabulary and grammar.
  • Eggbun: This app is each lovely and tutorial. It’s additionally how I discovered to kind in Korean. With this app, you “chat” with a personality who seems like an eggbun (therefore the identify), finding out Korean little by little as your dialog progresses. It’s a freemium app, so the options you might have get entry to to are restricted with out upgrading.
  • Scripts: Long long gone are the days the place you want to waste paper to observe writing characters or letters. When I first began finding out Korean, I used grid paper to observe writing every letter. Now you’ll use Scripts to be taught to write in Korean, getting virtual writing observe whilst finding out to acknowledge every letter.
  • Anki: If you like the flashcard way of memorizing, Anki is a useful gizmo. It makes use of spaced-repetition to train you new knowledge in order that you’re positive to grasp on to no matter you’re finding out.

How to Type in Korean

Depending on the instrument that you just’re the usage of, there are various things you want to do to arrange a Korean keyboard. You’ll most likely need to get a keyboard overlay like this one in your laptop, however I merely activate the keyboard viewer on my laptop and click on to kind.

90 Day Korean has an invaluable article on how to arrange the Korean keyboard in your laptop whether or not you’re the usage of a Mac or PC.

On cellular units, it’s more effective. You can move into your settings, upload the Korean keyboard and then toggle to it when you want it to kind.

And the best possible means to get relaxed typing? You’ve were given it — observe. It’s standard to kind frustratingly gradual at the starting however keep it up. It’ll include time and observe.

Over to You

A distinct writing machine doesn’t have to stay you from finding out a brand new language. Learning the Korean alphabet and how to shape syllable blocks isn’t as frightening as it would first appear and I do know you’ve were given this! The Korean alphabet is extremely intuitive and you’ll briefly select it up.

What about you? How are you finding out the Korean alphabet? I’d love to listen about your ways and assets for finding out to learn and write in Korean in the feedback underneath.

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