Language Mentors #5: Nikki Prša (Amercian Polyglot, Speaks 7 Languages)

“My function is to encourage others to simply start. You by no means know the place existence can take you whilst you’re ready to keep up a correspondence with folks of their mom tongue.” -Nikki Prša

After listening to her discuss at Women In Language, I knew that I needed to interview Nikki Prša for our new Language Mentors collection.

Nikki is the polyglot at the back of Speak at Home Tonight. Her corporate supplies personalised language instruction to people and corporations on-line. She is aware of precisely what it takes to be informed a language, people. She speaks seven languages!

Nikki has at all times been a language lover. Growing up, she spoke Polish at house and English in school. She studied German and Arabic in Germany and Egypt. She picked up Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian whilst dwelling in Croatia and Slovenia. This polyglot is unstoppable!

Solo trip in NYC, USA the place greater than 800 languages are spoken day by day!

Language Mentors: Learn a New Language in 90 Days

Language Mentors is our common characteristic the place we interview polyglots, language academics, language newcomers or even people from outdoor the sector of language finding out. We’re getting immediately to the purpose, asking for his or her best tips about language acquisition, steadfast motivation, and fast finding out.

We wish to provide the within scoop on what it takes to be informed a brand new language, rapid (in as low as 90 days).

We’ve in fact observed loads of folks be informed a brand new language to a conversational degree in simply 90 days. You can do it too by means of striking what you be informed from our Language Mentors into apply.

And if you want further strengthen, then sign up for us in Fluent in three Months Challenge — the place you’ll make quite a lot of new buddies who percentage your function of finding out a brand new language rapid (plus you’ll have a 15 minute dialog for your new language after 90 days — we ensure it).

Read on to be informed a few of Nikki’s language finding out hacks. And get to understand some interesting info about this vigorous polyglot on the identical time.

A street shuttle the place I will be able to apply finding out the Cyrillic alphabet equals heaven. This is in Albania!

What Are the Top Three Activities You Would Advise to Have a 15 Minute Conversation in a New Language after 90 Days??

This function is completely doable. I’d suggest doing the next:

  • Listen to track for your goal language. Look up the lyrics. Translate them (by yourself) into your local language. Mark any helpful words. Add them to a listing for your pocket book or your telephone. Try to make use of them in dialog instantly.
  • Take crew categories or person classes on-line or in particular person. This approach, you’ll have any person to apply with and are ready to invite any questions you’ll have.
  • Be courageous and take a look at to keep up a correspondence with others! If you don’t have any one to speak to, file your self and publish on social media. You can communicate with different audio system of your goal language on-line. It is superb to look and listen to your growth within the language you’re finding out.

What Are the Top Three Roadblocks You See Learners Face?

  • Insecurity (particularly when newcomers aren’t talking the language sufficient to make growth)
  • Getting caught and giving up
  • Lack of time which steadily results in loss of motivation

What Are Your Top Three Keys for Dealing with Those Roadblocks?

  • A large number of folks learn about the written language and shortage the arrogance they want to take a look at to talk the language. It will also be exhausting whilst you attempt to say one thing in any other language and the opposite particular person does now not perceive you. It’s a blow in your self assurance. You will also be bummed for somewhat bit, however attempt to recover from it. Move on briefly and take a look at once more! Everyone makes errors. The best strategy to recover is to stay going.
  • Sometimes folks get caught on a undeniable grammar level. For instance, they can’t work out tips on how to say issues one day. They might surrender on attempting to be informed the language. Try to determine otherwise to have a look at the subject. Watch any other clarification on YouTube. DM a local speaker of your goal language on Instagram or Twitter and ask them for assist. Or participate in a language trade or on-line/in particular person magnificence. Hearing as a lot of the language as conceivable can assist your talking abilities up to your listening abilities.
  • If you to find you don’t have sufficient time otherwise you’re now not feeling motivated to check, uncover the way in which you be informed easiest. You is probably not the web language app kind. You might wish to do one thing in particular person to have amusing with language finding out. If you prefer observing TV or motion pictures, watch one thing you’ve observed earlier than for your goal language! It’ll be entertaining and academic. You can do a handy guide a rough lesson on Memrise or DuoLingo]( Or undergo your checklist of words in your telephone or for your pocket book to check what you understand. If I ever really feel caught, my favourite factor to do is take a music in English and translate it into the objective language. It will also be so foolish however this is a blast to determine tips on how to sing “Party in the USA” in Croatian. I am getting a kick out of seeking to get the phrases to check as much as the melody.
Sometimes, you simply have to take in nature like right here in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

What Are Your Top Three Favorite Memories of a Language Win?

It is so exhausting to pick out 3!

  • Riding in taxis in Cairo and sudden the driving force by means of talking Egyptian Arabic
  • When folks assume I’m a local speaker of any of my goal languages
  • Appearing in a phase on Good Morning Croatia. I spoke in Croatian about my corporate. I used to be visiting my in-laws in Croatia. And I had a sense that I may make it occur. I reached out to the display to look in the event that they’d have an interest. They have been. It used to be so amusing!

What Are Your Top Three Favorite Places to Practice Speaking a Target Language?

  • At a language meetup on the [insert language here] Society of the city the place you reside. For instance, there’s a German Society of Philadelphia that has common conferences. You too can discover a language trade from for your house.
  • In the rustic or position the place they discuss the language I’m finding out. I am keen on a just right immersion enjoy.
  • On Facetime with family and friends who discuss that language! The web is fantastic. I relish with the ability to keep up a correspondence simply with folks everywhere the sector.
Cairo, Egypt: I fortunate to have met many improbable folks. We studied Arabic for eight hours an afternoon after which went out to apply talking Egyptian colloquial Arabic in the true existence eventualities.

What Are Your Top Three Favorite Cities?

  • Mošćenička Draga isn’t a town however somewhat a small the town at the Croatian coast. I really like the seashore in Croatia! It is gorgeous and blank. The sea is helping me to recharge my batteries.
  • Paris, France is all about meals, language, and exploring this pretty town on foot. You can’t assist however really feel the romance when you find yourself on this dreamy city.
  • San Diego, USA gives superb climate. You can discover the outside in probably the most entertaining techniques! Seeing all of the seals chillin’ out in within reach La Jolla. Taking an adventurous yoga magnificence. Discovering the Italian marketplace downtown and all of the sweets from within reach Mexico.

What Are the Top Three Biggest Challenges You Face in Your Target Language?

  • Grammar basically will also be tricky. Especially remembering other case endings when you find yourself talking in any other language
  • When I discuss numerous one language for some time, it may be exhausting to keep in mind a easy phrase in any other language. When my in-laws have been visiting from Croatia, I used to be talking such a lot Croatian. I then went to an match the place I needed to discuss German at all times. I saved short of to mention opet “again” in Croation as an alternative of wieder “again” in German!
  • Arabic is a gorgeous however tricky language for me. If I don’t use it, I lose it. I’ve to apply somewhat bit each day. It is difficult for me to place myself out of my convenience zone and file myself talking Arabic. When I used to be taking categories continuously, I used to be a lot better. I’d get a hold of freestyle raps in Arabic!
Representing Bavaria, Germany at a contemporary global convention in Philadelphia, USA. Just name me Frau!

How Do You Work on These Challenges?

  • I learn more than one textbooks and do quite a lot of written workout routines to paintings on grammar. I additionally use my checklist of words that I stay in my pocket book or telephone to check grammar patterns within the spoken language. I concentrate to local audio system. When I pay attention one thing new, I make an observation of it to determine what it approach.
  • The extra you discuss your goal language, the extra comfy you’ll really feel! I apply talking the language up to I will be able to. Everyone makes errors. I will be able to recover if I discuss with extra local audio system.
  • I do just it. I make myself apply. I’m really not a large fan of getting ready what I’m going to mention earlier than I file a video of myself however I do know that may assist numerous folks. I used to learn so much in Arabic and translate to English. A large tip I will be able to give for finding out Arabic is don’t transliterate! Learn the alphabet. Once happy with the alphabet, Arabic is rather like finding out every other language.

What Are Your Top Three Pearls of Wisdom for Language Learners?

  • Combine your different leisure pursuits with language finding out. I like to prepare dinner. I revel in having a look up recipes from other nations in numerous languages. I additionally watch YouTube movies and cooking displays in numerous languages. I discover ways to get ready a dish from any other tradition. Make certain you’re having a great time! If you’re taking part in your self, you’ll wish to proceed.
  • Do now not be shy. You have to take a look at to be able to recover. Being quiet received’t get you to the following degree. Be courageous and apply. If you pay attention any person talking the language, a minimum of say hi! You could possibly get somewhat talking apply in – or you might even make a brand new pal!
  • Learn words as an alternative of unmarried phrases. Once you could have a couple of words below your belt, you’ll be informed extra person phrases. Always be informed the gender along side the phrase if the language makes use of genders. Learn words so you’ll have a dialog once conceivable.

If You Were Going to Try the Fi3M Challenge, What Are the Top Three Languages You Might Attempt to Learn?

  • I’ve at all times discovered French pleasant and best know the fundamentals. I’ve sought after to devote extra time to it however I haven’t discovered the proper instructor but. So I’ve simply been dabbling alone.
  • People think I discuss Spanish as a result of I reside within the U.S. I do know numerous random phrases and words. But I’d wish to center of attention for a couple of months so I may turn out to be correctly conversational.
  • I revel in a just right language problem. There is not any higher feeling than delighting any person by means of talking their local tongue. When I do percentage the few phrases I do know in Mandarin to any person I meet, they’re so excited. It makes me wish to be informed extra so I will be able to keep up a correspondence additional!

What Are Your Top Three Guilty Pleasures When Learning a Language?

  • Scream making a song 80s/90s Croatian pop track. It strikes a chord in my memory of being at a marriage in Croatia.
  • Disco Polo. Polish folks know what that is.
  • Reality TV displays from different nations. You can be informed numerous conversational words from fact displays. They display actual existence conversations between the contestants.

What Are Your Top Three Tips for Starting to Learn Another Language

  • When I used to be more youthful, I first discovered to depend to 10, say “I love you”, and elementary greetings in 20 languages. I used to be daring and simply requested individuals who spoke the language tips on how to say sure issues. You by no means know when one thing you be informed and tuck away for your mind would possibly come in useful. In one essential case, a Croatian man used to be employed on the eating place that I labored at in school. I used to be excited to fulfill him and attempted to consider anything else I knew about Croatia. I remembered from again within the AIM days, a pal would write Volim te to his Croatian female friend as an away message. As I met the brand new man on the eating place, I stated Volim te because it used to be the one factor I knew tips on how to say. If you don’t know – that suggests “I love you.” He replied to me in Croatian however I instructed him that used to be the one factor I knew in his language. We utterly take to each other…and that man sooner or later changed into my husband. ❤
  • Go in your native library and get a e-book, DVD or one thing that you’ll carry house to start to learn about the language. Take notes if you are going throughout the fabrics in a pocket book. It is helping you keep in mind issues extra whilst you write it down by means of hand.
  • Ask for assist when you want it. Hire a instructor thru a web based college or from a neighborhood college. If issues aren’t running along with your present instructor, get any other one. If you’ll’t manage to pay for to pay for classes, get onto a Facebook crew. There are such a lot of! You can connect to audio system of your goal language and be informed one thing new.
My husband, Tomislav and child boy, Gulliver at his baptism. We discuss a mixture of languages at house and hope that Gully will like languages up to we do!

What Are Your Top Three Tips for Starting a Conversation with a Stranger in Your Target Language

  • Greet them! Consider their tradition. In the States, individuals are very pleasant and say “How are you” as a greeting somewhat than short of to understand what’s going on with you. If you’re chatting with any person from Eastern Europe, a “hello” will do exactly advantageous!
  • Discuss an issue that would pass in lots of instructions. Travel is at all times a just right one who received’t offend any person.
  • If you don’t know what else to mention, ask for instructions or a advice! Ask the individual in the event that they understand how to get to a undeniable position. Ask if they have got any guidelines so that you can be informed their language. Or ask if they have got a favourite meals that you simply must take a look at.

What about You?

This used to be an editorial jam-packed with language finding out hacks. Which of Nikki’s guidelines resonate maximum with you? We’d love to listen to about it within the feedback phase. And to our Fi3M Challengers, easiest of success in your language journey!

Want to be informed a brand new language in 90 days? Come sign up for us within the Fi3M Challenge.

A huge thanks for Nikki for sharing her insights and profitable methods with us.
To be informed extra about Nikki, you’ll seek advice from her Facebook web page, her Instagram account or her website online.

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