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Patagonia is on an entire different degree for pictures.  And, to be truthful, this checklist may simply move on for 10,000 phrases and 100,000 Patagonia photographs.  There are simply such a lot of nice picture places right here.  So, I’m going to check out to concentrate on the best possible spots. The vintage picture spots.

Also, in case you sought after to discover this area with a a laugh staff of photographers, we do run a great commute pictures excursion in Patagonia.  Check it out.

OK, directly to the places and pictures.

The Organization of Images

Patagonia refers back to the southern cone of South America shared by means of Chile and Argentina.  In basic, using “Patagonia” is beautiful liberal and the distance that makes use of the time period begins approach up north in puts like Bariloche and covers the territory as some distance south as Ushuaia.

To stay issues arranged, I’ve classified issues in response to the areas.  I’m hoping it’s additionally useful as most of the people have a tendency to pick out part of Patagonia to discover and photograph somewhat than masking the entire area.

Northern Patagonia

I used to be going to jot down that Northern Patagonia is underrated, however I believe that may most effective be referring to global vacationers. Chilean and Argentinean travellers had been coming via those portions for years.  They may no longer have the dramatics of the southern portions, however there may be nonetheless masses to photograph.

Bariloche, Argentina

Obviously, there are numerous pictures places that you must shoot in Bariloche.  In truth, I’ve infrequently even had the time to scratch the skin in this the town.  Bariloche, although, is gorgeous.  And, there are dozens of spots one may doubtlessly shoot from.  It may not be position to get the long-lasting Patagonia photographs you’ve observed, however it’s gorgeous.

Patagonia images, bariloche

Shot on the Club de Regatta at first light.

On my closing travel to this house (I’ve been two times now), I shot three spots: Cerro Catedral, the Club de Regatas, and the Punto Panaramico.

The view from Cerro Catedral

All 3 of the places are nice. But, all also are very mild dependent.  So, test the elements scenario earlier than you head out to any of those spots.

Patagonia images

View from Punto Panaramico.

Puerto Varas, Chile

I do not know how Puerto Varas isn’t extra of a tourism vacation spot.  Not most effective is it moderately normally a lovely little the town in the north of Chilean Patagonia, however it sits on the base of one of the spectacular volcanoes in the arena.  If you’ll get there on a transparent day after the volcano has gotten just a little of snow, it may be unreal.

Puerto Varas

Petrohue, Chile

Not some distance from Puerto Varas is Salto de Petrohue.  This position may be impressive and an excellent position for pictures.  In truth, this may well be probably the most underneath-liked location Patagonia photographs any place in the area. The river carves in the course of the rocks, and also you get the volcano principally proper on best of you.

The problem of this spot is that it doesn’t open till after first light. So, you’ll have to return proper because the doorways open.  Security guards are beautiful strict too. They may ask you not to use a tripod. A gorilla pod will come in at hand right here.

Salto de Petrohue

Carretera Austral

Definitely probably the most underrated a part of Patagonia. This house is nearly utterly unnoticed by means of vacationers and phtoographers; most commonly because of its far flung nature.  Not most effective is it some distance from any place densely populated, however it takes a chain of boats and tough roads to get to.  But, for many who get there, there’s never-ending attractiveness and lots of nice pictures locations.


Greg and I in reality were given caught right here on our pictures scouting travel because of the ferries no longer working often. But, I’m in reality happy we did. The outdated fishing village is actually photogenic and the individuals are extraordinarily pleasant.  There’s an outdated pier which makes for just right images, and there’s additionally a number of fishing boats at the water which make for excellent photographs.  If you might have the time, make a prevent right here.


Queulet National Park

This position is an absolute gem!

We deliberate on getting right here for a sundown, however have been approach too past due arriving.  But, as an alternative of looking ahead to a first light, we hiked as much as the view of the glacier in the partially-darkish complete moon night time.  When the moon hit the glacier at evening, it used to be out of the ordinary. Again, how are there no longer extra other folks up right here getting Patagonia photographs right here?

Queulet National Park, Patagonia images

After an evening in the camper van, we headed to the lake a the ground for first light. And although the sunshine wasn’t just right, the perspectives (once more) have been wonderful.  I might say that it’s stunning that it’s so unfastened of visitors right here, however I’m no longer stunned. There are not any airports any place close to right here. And even supposing it’s proper off the Carretera Austral, it’s nonetheless simply thus far from the entirety else.

Queulet National Park


We have been past due getting down the Carretera Austral, so we skipped a pair puts against the south.  In truth, we didn’t even actually photograph Coyhaique.  But, we did have a great time right here.  I were given to have a morning tub in one of the most outdated wooden-fired sizzling tubs!

And, underneath an excellent evening sky, I did get some cool astro-pictures.  In basic, this may well be the most efficient position in Patagonia for celebrity pictures. It has a tendency to get transparent skies reasonably often.


I believe this house has numerous attainable for extra difficult to understand Patagonia pictures. I simply assume you’d want extra time to correctly discover it than we had.  It is a space I’d like to get again to.


Los Glacieres National Park

This, at the side of Iguazu Falls, is as gorgeous because it will get in Argentina.  This nationwide park is filled with wonders.  It’s additionally cut up a bit bit between the southern segment which is house to Perito Moreno Glacier, and the north which is ready in El Chalten.  Both have their virtues, and each are utterly other – in spite of being in the similar park.  And, general, this park may have the absolute best focus of pictures places in all of Patagonia.

Perito Moreno Glacier

This is actually Argentinean Patagonia’s greatest (no pun meant) vacationer draw.  The huge glacier is past spectacular.  It’s a kind of puts that simply neatly and really can’t be photographed in some way that does it justice.  And, the humorous factor is, the pictures from Perito Moreno Glacier normally do pop out wonderful.

Perito Moreno Glacier

We have a tendency to return right here proper at first light to overcome the crowds. And, typically, now we have this position all to ourselves for the primary couple hours right here.  It’s a humbling position to face. Especially when the ice calves.

Of the entire Patagonia photographs taken in Argentina, there are few extra iconic than those taken at Perito Moreno Glacier.

Perito Moreno Glacier

El Chalten “The Road”

There are such a lot of pictures places in El Chalten to shoot.  So, it nearly turns out foolish to create a listing of them.  But, right here we move.

The factor about El Chalten is that the place the village is, you actually don’t see the mountains.  They are blocked by means of a ridge underneath them.  So, to get a just right vintage view of the mountains, head go into reverse the freeway about 10-12 km and also you’ll to find this gorgeous symbol main against the well-known peaks.

El Chalten

El Chalten “The River”

Likewise to “the road”, the river view level is at a pullout alongside the freeway simply out of the town.  From there, it’s a five minute stroll to a view down the valley on the the river main against Fitzroy and the entire different peaks.  It’s a fab location, and if you’ll get some mild, it may be good right here.

El Chalten

Chorillos del Salto

This is a brilliant location to visit if it’s cloudy and you’ll’t see the peaks.  Here, the sunshine actually doesn’t topic since you’re no longer going to be photographing the peaks anyhow.  Instead, you’ll be in right here photographing the gorgeous foliage and the waterfalls.

Of direction, this location images absolute best in the autumn when the colors are actually popping.  It must even be famous that plenty of the Patagonia photographs you notice have fall colors.  It could make you assume that it’s busy this time of 12 months; it’s no longer.  There are extra photographers. But in basic, it’s beautiful quiet.

Chorillos del Salto

Rio de las Cascadas

This location is up previous Laguna Capri and simply off the path.

I should alert you, although.  This location is likely one of the hottest picture spots in all of Patagonia and there’s an opportunity that it would turn out to be off-limits quickly.  Park rangers are already beginning to warn vacationers that they aren’t allowed to be down right here as it’s formally off the path.  There is, then again, a rudimentary path that has been created to right here by means of the folks heading all the way down to photograph the falls.

El Chalten

Personally, I believe the park must create their very own path down as not anything goes to prevent photographers from heading down right here. It’s too nice of a location.

That stated, if the park rangers have post indicators to discourage you from heading down there, please do recognize them.

El Chalten

Laguna de los Tres

This is possibly the most well liked pictures location in El Chalten. But, it’s no longer simple to get to.  In truth, you’ll most probably want 2 days to do it for first light.  You’ll wish to hike as much as the campground on day 1, after which do the general climb up at the following morning.

It is gorgeous, and utterly well worth the trek, although.  Just be warned that the finishes up right here can get intense, and are available out of nowhere.  Be cautious together with your digicam tools. On my first discuss with right here, 2 cameras took wind-powered tumbles.

El Chalten

Laguna Torre

I believe I in reality want this location to Laguna de los Tres.  There are simply extra to be had compositions right here despite the fact that it’s no longer as clearly Patagonian.  And, despite the fact that the elements and light-weight aren’t nice, there are issues to shoot. There are plenty of little chunks of ice that finally end up at the seashore right here that give nice foreground components to play with. I believe it offers you extra of an opportunity of constructing a singular set of Patagonia photographs than another location in El Chalten. And, when the elements actually behaves, you might have “Torre” simply superbly again-losing all of it.

El Chalten

Lago del Desierto

Personally, I don’t assume Lago del Desierto is that groovy a pictures location.  However, simply earlier than you succeed in the lake, you’ll come throughout a bridge and a few wandering rivers. This is an outstanding spot. And, as it’s out of doors of the nationwide park, you’ll fly drones right here which is excellent.

El Chalten


I gave myself a photograph problem once we got here to this spot closing 12 months.  I sought after to look what number of places I may shoot in one night time.  The video of this is underneath.

Mirador Rio de las Vueltas

Often, an excellent point of view doesn’t make an excellent picture.  This is likely one of the exceptions, I believe.  This is each an excellent point of view, and an excellent pictures location,  The perspectives down on the river and the mountains are simply out of the ordinary.  It may not be a kind of vintage Patagonia photographs, however it does paintings rather well!

We didn’t actually get cooperating climate, however it nonetheless used to be impressive.

El Chalten

Torres del Paine National Park

Much like El Chalten, there are masses of places to shoot in Torres del Paine National Park.  In truth, there are masses of compositions to make at each and every location.  I’ve most effective indexed five places in this checklist, however there are patently far more.  Some of those puts I haven’t visited since my first discuss with to the park about eight years in the past.  Others, I revisited closing 12 months for a third time.

Salto Grande

Maybe one of the most best possible picture places in South America – it’s most probably probably the most photographed view in Chile, and doubtlessly probably the most iconic of many iconic Patagonia photographs.  And whilst the waterfall itself isn’t all that groovy for pictures, the perspectives down the river above the falls are merely majestic.  There are lots of other foregrounds to play with, and extra compositions than one might be able to rely right here.

Just watch out. You’ll be tempted to get proper down subsequent to the water, however understand that the river is extra fierce than it appears to be like and leads proper over the waterfall.

Torres del Paine

Mirador de los Cuernos

This is a bit lakeside hike that leaves from Salto Grande.  Like Salto Grande, there are such a large amount of compositions available alongside this water.  And, if you’re keen to do some little bit of climbing, there also are some lifeless timber that may make for fantastic components to paintings into photographs of “The Cuernos” or Paine Grande.

Torres del Paine

Mirador de los Condores

This is a reasonably brief hike, however it’s no longer precisely a stroll in the park both. It’s steep, and the highest will also be extraordinarily windy. But, the perspectives from above are improbable, and surely worthy of the stroll up.  This location works neatly at sundown, however is particularly just right at first light.  If you get just right mild, you might have the danger of the shooting Patagonia photographs at their maximum iconic.

The hike will take about 30-45 mins relying for your health.

Torres del Paine

Mirador Base Las Torres

Most other folks discuss with this location whilst climbing the W. But, in actual fact you don’t wish to do the entire hike to get right here. In truth, you don’t even wish to camp to get right here for those who’re keen to have an early get started.

This location is the vintage view. But, it’s additionally a temperamental view. I went up for a location scout at sundown and it used to be not anything however blue skies. By the time it used to be first light, it used to be so cloudy and wet you couldn’t see your hand in entrance of your face.  If that is the view you need, be ready to spend a pair days right here tenting underneath.

Note that the hike from the camp website is most effective about 45 mins. But, the hike from the bottom is ready four-five hours.

Torres del Paine

Note: This used to be clearly taken lengthy earlier than I used to be a photographer.

Glacier Grey

Much like Mirador Base las Torres, most of the people come right here as part of the W trek.  And, until you do a ship travel, that’s most probably the way you’ll see it.  Sure, you’ll see it from afar at Mirador Glacier Grey. However, if you wish to rise up shut and private with it, you’ll wish to hike.  And, the perspectives are unreal if you’ll get there.

There are 2 campsites at the W trek which are close to Glacier Grey.

Torres del Paine

Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego

The time I went to Ushuaia, I used to be so excited for my travel to Antarctica that I infrequently took any photos in the town. And, shamefully, I didn’t even move to Tierra del Fuego National Park.

So, I recommed relating to the Trover checklist underneath for some photographs from that house.


Puerto Natales & Punta Arenas

For years, photographers simply used Punta Arenas as an airport to get to Chilean Patagonia and Puerto Natales as a leaping off level for Torres del Paine National Park.  However, each in reality have some attraction. And each have spots for pictures.  In truth, I believe you’ll get some beautiful vintage Patagonia photographs right here in the town and simply south of the town.

From Punta Arenas, you’ll pressure south to “the end of the world”. Just observe that it doesn’t all the time move to plot, as you’ll see from the video underneath.

However, there are pictures to be made down that approach.

In Punta Arenas itself, you’re more or less restricted to the piers at the coast. However, it does appear that this house will get one of the vital absolute best sunrises in the arena, so you should definitely benefit from a few them.

Punta Arenas

Up in Puerto Natales, maximum photographers additionally focal point at the damaged pier. And, it’s for beautiful just right explanation why. It is a gorgeous spot to take photos.  Just observe that it’s changing into a very talked-about picture spot, so be in a position to have a pair different photographers at the side of you as you shoot it.

Puerto Natales

Camera Gear for Patagonia

Have a have a look at my digicam tools checklist right here. 

Overall, taking pictures in Patagonia isn’t any other than maximum places around the globe.  But, those are some ideas:

  • Telephoto Lens: If you’re opting for between taking a 70-200mm or a 100-400mm I’d counsel the 100-400mm just because it’ll be extra flexible there.  You’ll have the ability to photograph that Puma (for those who’re so fortunate) or get that Guanaco picture at the ridge with the mountains in the background.
  • Ultra-Wide: I believe you’ll surely need an extremely-broad lens like a 16-35mm.  I’ve the f/four model, however the f/2.eight could be higher down right here for the celebrity pictures alternatives.
  • Drone in Patagonia?: Yes you’ll fly drones in each Argentina and Chile (inside the regulation).  But, you can’t fly in any of the nationwide parks.  There are a pair actually cool puts to fly simply out of doors of Los Glacieres National Park, for instance.  So it may well be price bringing alongside.
  • Tripod: I will’t tension sufficient how vital a actually robust tripod is in Patagonia.  The winds will also be insane, and are available out of nowhere.  If you don’t have strong sticks you gained’t get sharp pictures, and chances are you’ll finally end up with a damaged digicam.

Where to Stay as a Photographer in Patagonia?

There’s no simple resolution right here as a result of everybody has other wishes. So, let me body this another way.  The choices are actually tenting vs. resorts.

If you’re OK tenting, there are many nice tenting spots in Torres del Paine which is able to prevent some riding time.  But, you should definitely e book early as some e book up neatly in advance.  I wouldn’t trouble tenting alongside the W path as lots of the absolute best picture places are at the different facet of the lake.  If you’re in search of lodge lodging, it’s insanely dear in the park.  I’d counsel as an alternative staying in Rio Serrano.  It will also be dear too, however Hotel Rio Serrano is astounding – and nonetheless part the fee as staying in the park. Check it out right here.  Otherwise, there’s a hostel in Rio Serrano as neatly.  The house between right here and the mountains is key Puma territory too. We noticed 2 on our closing travel.

In El Chalten, you’ll camp proper up in the mountain which is an awesome revel in.  Or, there are many just right lodge choices in the town that you’ll do day journeys from.

Elsewhere in the area, resorts and hostels are most probably going to be your absolute best guess as the costs are decrease and tenting doesn’t actually have as many benefits.

What Else?

Obviously, this checklist couldn’t be 100% complete as a result of 1) there are billions of pictures spots in Patagonia, and a couple of) as a result of I haven’t been to the majority of them.  So, take a look on the embedded Trover checklist underneath to look the curated photographs from different photographers as neatly.  And, be at liberty so as to add your individual photographs over on Trover by means of including #BvSPatagonia to the caption.
Patagonia Photo Spots #BvSPatagonia – a photograph checklist by means of Brendan van Son

What’s Next?

I’ve been attempting so laborious to get those weblog posts out for you. But, in actual fact I’m simply too busy.  That stated, I’m nonetheless running on it.  In actual time, I’m on my solution to Georgia (the rustic). And you’ll stay alongside of my commute pictures adventures over on my pictures vlog on YouTube.

From Georgia, I’ll be heading to Greece, North Ireland, and Southern Africa. Stay tuned, as all the time, for the adventures.

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