TRAVEL BHUTAN BY OWN VEHICLE BIKE/CAR | Immigration, Permits and Tips

SUBSCRIBE – ( Vlogger Aakash ) hi guys Back to a every other video of particular for who can go back and forth by means of personal automobile BIKE/CAR. this video i …

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  1. Brother your video is quite informative and simple(means good), The only change I expect from my Vlogger Akash is better communication strategy. You have good content ,people will follow you but the way you speak (please don't mind this is just for making your videos better) seems very boring. Give some energy to your voice, look excited and charming about the journey and at least smile in your videos , most of the time you look very serious ,as if you hate to come on camera !! M sorry if you feel offensive , take it just as a request from a brother because I want to see you grow more as a vlogger !!
    Cheers !!

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