Travel The Depths Of The Ocean In Your Very Own Submarine

The DeepFlight Dragon’s video game-like controls make for simple maneuvering. WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: …

supply Travel On Your Own


  1. Yeah let's populate the oceans with more noisy vehicles, that's exactly what we need.
    It's not the first time Futurism promotes regressive inventions like that. It's not because it's futuristic that it's a good idea or progress !
    As a matter of fact this is exactly the opposite of progress. Progress today means inventing stuff not only taking in account but embracing today's number one constraint: the environment. Not pleasure or performance, but environment. And this invention does the exact opposite. This is probably what baby boomers would have dreamed of in their own time, but that was 30 years ago.
    Futurism should know that.

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