Alex is a solo feminine traveler that lives and travels together with her canine in her Vw Eurovan named Penny BECOME A PATREON: …

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  1. The end of this year, i will live this life. I'm 23 and i just want to be free. I don't know much about vanlife but I been watching a lot of vanlife video on YouTube. I will have to learn as I go along.

  2. I love how they keep saying how great their lives are living in a van but honestly…..finding a spot to park in everyday? You know you can't just park anywhere right. Also got to pay for sites that allow you to camp. Public sites warrant cops at night who will tell you to leave as you got no right to be there. Then there is the food…cooking ain't easy in a camper. You  often going on Fast food solutions and that costs $$$$ unless you choose to suck on Ramen all your life. Then how long you are going to live like that ??? A family on the horizons and you are done. and please don't tell me you are saving money like this . Nomadic life costs money  and when you get old, you got nothing to show for it. Now if at a young age you get into property buying then you live in a piggy bank. Once you hit retirement or even before, your property that you bought 20 or 30 years ago is 3 times the value so you can second mortgage it, or downsize and use the profit and travel like a king anywhere you want.

  3. A goddess-looking supermodel living in a van???
    WTF is wrong with you? You don't have to be a hobo to explore the planet.
    Super rich hot men would stand in line to marry a princess like you.

  4. yep it is possible to fall in love in less than 9 minutes!
    love your dog, love the van, all of it, ive done it as well until my dog passed away and now i am sitting in an office watching videos, bought a 4×4 a couple of weeks ago and started building it myself and go camping while adding days each time. next stop is the dog and off i go. take care you are beautiful.

  5. Thk u so much for this raw video. I love it 🙏❤️am starting my solo journey soon and this just confirms so much for me so thank you so much my love. May you continue on your authentic journey and continue to find love ❤️ for self 🙏❤️

  6. Thanks dear! As a solo traveler for 10years(without vlogs ..just leaving)I'm now trying to safe money to buying a van but living in Argentina (my natal place) is so difficult so any advice to get a van next year thanks 🙂

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